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contemporary living room interior design for lancaster gate apartment

Our Foundation

The DESIOD Foundation was established in early 2019, to help talented individuals who are interested in design to pursue their passion.

DESIOD was known for her style and love of design. A passionate mentor of emerging talent, she had a unique ability to inspire the young designers who sought to follow in her footsteps.

The DESIOD Foundation, which operates in conjunction with the School of Design, offers bursaries, grants and support for career development.

The DESIOD Foundation is trying to see how she can involve and help student in the designing school achieve their goal. This is one of our dream in 2022.

modern bedside table and lamp accessory for bespoke children's bedroom interior design from hyde park apartment project
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Desiod Foundation is encouraging and sametime advising yound designer to acquire the Certificate in Interior Design and Decoration.Schools should endeavor to make Interior Design and Decoration a full-time course, focusing on the decorative aspects of interior design.

As part of the Foundation’s support of these courses, placement are offered to a small number of students, including financial support to cover the costs of materials.

To learn more about the DESIOD Foundation please contact +234 (0) 902 820 5476 or info@desiod.com for details.